Monday, November 25, 2013

Lemon Myrtle in cooking!

And here's for something completely different...

Did you know that lemon myrtle is a popular ingredient amongst Australian chefs?

During former US President Bill Clinton's visit to Australia in 1996, Lemon Myrtle Tart was the dessert item at the formal reception hosted by the Australian Government.

Lemon myrtle spice is finely ground lemon myrtle leaf.

Lemon myrtle essential oil is distilled from lemon myrtle leaf.

Why not use lemon myrtle essential oil instead of lemon myrtle ground leaf for cooking? It's more potent as you only need one drop! It's fresher! Ground leaf has a greater chance of oxidising and losing its freshness. Essential oil is stored in small dark bottles and can be refrigerated for maximum freshness and potency. This is the Chefs' lemon myrtle secret!

Tips for using lemon myrtle essential oil in cooking:

1 Only use organic, pure and fresh lemon myrtle essential oil.
2 Keep refrigerated for maximum freshness
3 Use sparingly! Only 1 drop needed eg for 500g of yoghurt, or salad dressing for 4-6 people.
4 Use in oil-based or fat-based recipes - eg ice creams, butters, yoghurt, sauces, soups, oils.
   Not in water based drinks or solutions.

Some ideas - lemon myrtle curry, lemon myrtle pumpkin and coconut cream soup, lemon myrtle butter, lemon myrtle and vanilla yoghurt, lemon myrtle salad dressing, lemon myrtle ice cream, lemon myrtle tart. 

Remember, be sparing! One drop is plenty!!

Lemon Myrtle in macaroons!
"We have tried three different lemon myrtle and yours was from very far the best. It smells and tastes so natural and it is soooooo good. Thanks again!" A.Baron General Manager, La Maison du Macaron in New York