Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray - a refreshing experience

Lemon Myrtle is a native Australian plant traditionally used by Aborigines for its aromatic and therapeutic properties. It is an aroma so fresh and so lemony and so clear, which never fails to elicit an "Mmmmhh, it's so refreshing!" from men and women alike. Its fresh citrusy scent is so appealing to both sexes ("Who's been getting into my lemon myrtle mist spray?") that often both husband and wife buy their own supply to preserve marital harmony!

What is lemon myrtle mist spray for? Good question. It's not exactly a body spray, nor a surface spray, nor an air freshener (though it can be used for such). Yet it's by far the most popular item in the Lemon Myrtle Essentials range. People can't get enough of it once they have tried it. The bottles just walk out the door!

Let's call it a mood spray, a personal space spray. Lemon Myrtle's effect on the central nervous system is calming, almost sedating, yet uplifting at the same time. The Australian Bush Flower Essences in it are Australia's equivalent to Bach Flower Remedies. The Flower Essences used in it are for clearing the mind, relaxing, unwinding.And it is Certified Organic, made with pure, organic ingredients.

Students use it to stay alert. People love it as a mood enhancer. Mums use it prevent the spread of airborne bacteria around their children during the cold/flu season. (A major bonus is that lemon myrtle is highly anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Twice as antibacterial as the wellknown tea tree oil. A natural antibacterial which kills the bad bacteria and not the good.) Day Spas use it to freshen their treatment rooms. You can even spray it on to keep the mosquitoes away! Use it to purify air in enclosed spaces. Bring it with you while travelling as a good all round spray.

Customer comments:
"I really do love your products. I use them all the time particularly the organic Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray which I spray all around me before leaving my home.."

"I have used the Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray also for clearing my office space and find it reenergizing when my energy has dropped."

"I really love using the Lemon Myrtle products. My favourite is the Lemon Myrtle Mist spray. I have some in both my home and in the office. I spray it in the office when I find I am flagging a little during the day, it always lift my spirit."

"I purchased your Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray and I have found it to be very useful indeed! When sprayed in rooms it helps to create a calm and tranquil ambience. I feel very invigorated when I spray it near my personal space as well. In fact I wish I had a bottle of it everywhere I go!"

"The one I enjoy most is the mist spray. I have left the spray in my car, every morning I use it as a perfect pick me up, better than coffee. It never fails to get a comment on how nice it smells when people get in, very invigorating!!"

For an endlessly refreshing lemon myrtle experience visit here

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Coconut oil miracle

Whenever I mention the benefits of virgin coconut oil, I still get people responding with "I thought it was bad for you, isn't it a saturated fat?". (Groan, that is so 1970s..!). If you've been to the health shop recently, you might have noticed the organic virgin coconut oil that is sold as a dietary supplement. Coconut oil's primarily medium-chain fatty acids are used by the body predominantly for energy production and thus seldom end up as body fat or deposits in arteries. They produce energy, not fat. Medium-chain fatty acids do not have a negative effect on blood cholesterol and actually help protect against heart disease. Tests have shown that coconut oil's medium chain fatty acids are effective in destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast. Whether applied topically of taken internally, coconut oil helps keep skin young, healthy and free of disease. You only need to look at the healthy Pacific Islanders. Read in more depth in The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife.

And for fascinating information on coconut oil and its many benefits to your skin and health, read this book written by a dermatologist Rx:Coconuts!(The Perfect Health Nut) It is truly an eye-opener.

Further research info links and

That's why you'll find certified organic virgin coconut oil in Lemon Myrtle Essentials range of bodycare products - wonderful for your skin! And remember, it needs to be the Certified Organic virgin coconut oil, because there is another version just innocuously called "coconut oil" which has been refined, bleached and deodorised (RBD coconut oil) - why bother!?