Thursday, July 30, 2009

Multiple Personality or Multi-Talented?

Lemon Myrtle - so many personalities!

* 1 Yes it is refreshingly citrusy, native to Australia, calming to the central nervous system, and so very uplifting.

So it's great in aroma diffusers to help relax, soothe, unwind. Some love it as a perfume!

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* 2 And it is a potent antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal
(double that of teatree oil, but aromatically so much more alluring!)

So it's great sprayed in the air to kill bacteria, freshen a room space, cut odours, create a fresh ambience.

* 3 Now it's also getting a reputation to be fantastic for Molluscum
see Molluscum info

The Molluscum Trio at

* 4 And Chefs love it. Australian Aborigines used it as a spice.
See its many uses at Lemon Myrtle ideas

It's a wonder Lemon Myrtle isn't going through an identity crisis! But it's got too much work to do being so multi-talented..

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